In life you learned so many lessons, some good, some bad . That is what I have learned in the last few months and even yesterday. How people take you for granted, how selfish people are, how fussy people are, how wannabe and high class people are, how unhelpful people are, how ungrateful people are, who are friends and who are NOT!!

This show how angry I am with this telephone conversation:

Me: I am really running out of ways to get 7 rooms for you all after trying so hard , emailing here, emailing there, find travel agents here, find travel agents there, 7 rooms are not easy to get because of Hari what about splitting into 2 groups, I look for 4 rooms and you look for 3 rooms( because for online hotel booking , the name on the credit card must be one of the occupants in the list.)

K.N.Sai: What ...u suddenly push 3 rooms to me ???

( I was thinking I book 4 rooms , you book 3 rooms ...which is easier ..isn't number 4 more than number 3!. Moreover for the last 2 months , I have single handed looking for 7 rooms for you are real selfish lar!!!!!#$@%@&^%# )

K. N. Sai : If I know that day if it is like this, I will take that 1 room available for myself.

( Ooi K. N. Sai aah.... All this while while surfing the internet I have seen 1 room, 2 rooms , 3 rooms , 4 rooms and even 5 rooms But I never think like you. If I thought like you , I will have just choose the best hotel with the best room for myself and forget about you all...who cares where you all going to sleep...but I never do that and yet you dare to say !!!)

Then tonight I sms K. N. Sai to tell him that the hotel rooms are confirmed .

Then his sms makes me more angry.

His sms: Thank you Lord for listening to my prayer.

My sms reply: What prayer?? I ring to Bali to confirm all the 7 rooms myself.

His sms: Thank you very much, I will bring something for you from Seremban

My sms reply: NO thanks, you just need to be more helpful and help ppl out next time.

This shows how hyprocrite ppl can be !! I am really pissed by ppl like this ( Har...first time I used that word "pissed")

There are also people who prefer to walk 4 hours to another place to look at the place but will not walk across the road to do people a favour ( another piss!!)

There are fussy people around which makes other people around hard to do decisions!!

But as it is lessons learned, not a single or even half sen earned even for all these efforts, I learned that:

1. Never do so much favour for people who never appreciate and can only talk BIG!

2. Next time go holiday on your own! Then you can check into any hotel, expensive or medium , with stars or no is all up to myself...never do things for ungrateful people!!

3. I learned that to find out more about hotels overseas, no need to ask wannabe people to check it out for you. You just need to use webshots site , type in the hotel name and you can see all the pictures of the hotels, even the bathrooms nad the rooms and the compounds.Or just use You tube , type in the hotel name and some very kind hearted people have taken all the trouble to take video and upload the whole hotel scene and show you around the whole hotel , with commentary somemore.

3. I learned about people character, how unkind, unhelpful, ungrateful some people are!

4. I learned about online hotel booking, how and which are the reliable ones, the process of doing it.

5. I meeet friends as I go to travel agency, sharing their travel experiences with me.

6. I spent hours and hours surfing the net, reading travel forums, finding info on hotels, villas, apartments ...more info gain

....ok I have finished my rantings because I am really very very pissed off.

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    I'm Choonie. said...

    I know how it feels. It not only happened with friends/colleagues, sometimes your own family members will take us for granted too. *sigh*
    Hey.. you are really piss off. You even start using KNS. hahaha...

  1. ... on 10:45 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    If family, I still don't mind since in one way or another we are still related and we owe each other as a family and the anger goes away faster too with family members...but this one hor, really makes me angry by his words and what he said...KNS is already mild lor..
    Sometimes this sort of ppl thinks prayer can solve everything w/o lifting a single finger...I think God sees them also "pening kepala"

  3. ... on 10:52 PM  
  4. bayi said...

    I think you are too kind. I wouldn't have bothered. Family members are usually the ones who disappoint us most.

    I holiday alone, with my immediate family usually.

    But the lessons you ranted about are lesson we all still learn until we are old. This comes from our belief in the basic goodnesss of mankind! And hence, the disappointment! :)

  5. ... on 8:24 AM  
  6. X'tina said...

    It is just that some people are too selfish and too self centred.

    At first I thought that it is okay for helping , but in that process of helping, things just did not work out as planned. Luckily now the rooms are confirmed after I ring up the hotel in Bali.

    Never mind I will take it as a lesson learned. Frankly speaking if the people I help are okay, I don't mind to do the extras for them because I truly believe that the more we venture the more we gain.

    But that KNSai just pissed me off as I venture along.

  7. ... on 8:38 AM  
  8. bayi said...

    On the plus, it takes a crisis to know who your real friends are. And now you know! :)

  9. ... on 11:27 PM  
  10. william yeoh said...

    hi x'tina, this is the real world. its really pissed off, we are here to enjoy the journey of life.

    small people talk about other people'
    average people talk about things,
    big people talk about ideas, and
    legend never talk.

    protect yourself by not be too "kind" to this type of people


  11. ... on 10:30 AM