These few days I have problems trying to reply comments on my own blogs and also on others' blogs at Blogger aka blogspot...... Is there anything wrong with my computer or is it the fault of Blogger. Every time i click on comments then the button asking me whether I want to show the non secure information... come out: i click YES also cannot , I click NO also cannot.... and today new problem ......I click on add comment , want to comment but the toolbar at the buttom keeps blinking and bilnking and I just cannot type in my comments in the comment column....Hello Blogger out there..... Do you all have problems like me???

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    ehon said...

    what i did was, when the pop up of secure thinggy comes up, i click either yes/no, and then press stop once the page has loaded.

    it happens when i use IE using my house comp, but it doesn't happen when im using mozilla on my laptop.

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  2. X'tina said...

    Thanks ehon , I will try that. sometimes it is very frustrating because your mind is full of ideas on what to comment, but that faulty things just make my ideas vanish into thin air...evaporated and become gas......
    ooi where are u by the way... my bread waiting for u the time u reach here hor....may have some mould on it oredi

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  4. ehon said...

    LOL! I'm in Kuching ler. K lar k lar. I'll drop by St Joe soon. :D

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