This is the new toy I got for myself:

In order not to feel guilty for buying this toy I need to state to myself 10 good reasons for buying it :

1. It is cheap RM 249 only + 2 cosway redemption coupons

2. Hard to find real 100% wholemeal bread in bakery...most of the wholemeal bread are actually mixed with at least 30% white flour

3. As a prediabetic, I really need to eat low GI wholemeal bread even though it is not nice since it is tough and not sweet.

4. Most bread sold in towns are loaded with preservatives.

5. Very lazy to drive to my favourite ALOHA DELICATESSEN BAKERY just to get one loaf of bread

6. Can just set the time and wow... wake up in the morning a nice loaf of bread is there waiting for me......

7. Can now make a wide wide variety of wholemeal bread wholemeal banana bread, wholemeal cheese bread .. wholemeal cinnamon bread, wholemeal bacon bread, wholemeal herbal bread the list long enuf to bore you???

8. I love to eat pizza but after diagnosed as a diabetic I shy away from Pizza Hut so with this new toy I can make my own wholemeal pizza base and put my favourite toppings on it ...Muahaha...

9. For the last 7 months, I didn't eat a single piece of my favourite pau:

with this new toy I can command it to knead pau with wholemeal flour then take them out and put in fillings and steam ...tata... my favourite pau.sssss.

10. I love baking but I hate kneading ... so this machine will now do all the kneading in this world without me lifting a figure ..just need to press buttons .. I love technology.......

Ok ..enuf 10 reasons ... I don't find myself guilty anymore to buy it.

Shhh.. just to tell you my llth reason ..also a secret of mine... that is to celebrate my pay rise this month... I love Abdullah Badawai aka Pak Lah ... someone once says this " Masa Abdullah, SEMUA NAIK..." do your own research and interpretations on these words...

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    ehon said...

    Aisehman! Ngam liao lar. When are you going to make pau for me?! :D I am back in Kuching now! Can drop by st joe anytime! ;) Summore naik gaji ler! don't play play.. kekekekeekekke~`

  1. ... on 1:18 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Why u can fly here fly there hor... must be full of $$$$$ lar.. pinjam some ...
    No problem if u want to eat .. just drop by the staffroom but..prewarning.. wholemeal moh.. tough and hard if u don't mind.. health food aka hell food all not nice one!!
    Are u sure u are back in Kuching or are u bluffing a-half-a-century old lady here???

  3. ... on 6:48 PM  
  4. angeline said...

    eeee teacher! so cool one! teacher you know how to make xiao lung pau or not? can use your toy?

  5. ... on 9:31 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    Hi Angeline
    xiao lung pau hor problem.. just make the pau s size then tata oredi xiao lung pau lor...

  7. ... on 9:38 PM  
  8. angeline said...

    ayer! the lung le? teacher make xiao xiao one make tahi gigi only.

  9. ... on 8:59 PM  
  10. Johnny Ong said...

    when can i hav the privilege of tasting those paus

  11. ... on 1:43 AM  
  12. X'tina said...

    Hi Johnny,
    sure.. Come to Sarawak and I will makes lots of them for you.
    Btw, I have added u to my list of bloggers , care to add me to your list?

  13. ... on 11:03 AM  
  14. gohaloha said...

    I am Goh from ALOHA delicatessen.bakery. Though you mentioned that you are lazy to come to my shop to buy a loaf of bread, indeed I am happy to know that ALOHA is your favorite bakery. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We thank you for your support to make ALOHA deli growing stronger each day.

  15. ... on 8:52 PM