This MR Anonymous aka MR Goblok left this comment on my blog title:

Two moons on 27th August

Anonymous said...
I don't think you're an "educator" at all. A real teacher would research this better, and would know by now that it IS a hoax.

You then wouldn't have to get up to (not) see it that day.

8:56 PM

He is a real MR Goblok lar cos he cannot see the real meaning behind that blog!!! the word Mr Goblok really defines that sort of person , ok lar Mr Goblok I have done my research kao kao and this is my end result of my research ......Mua..ha...ha...

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    Anonymous said...

    ei teacher.. u affected by the "no tuition from school teachers" rule arh?

    My teachers all quiting one by one and it's my SPM year! ugh..


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