News like this, this and this is putting us in a big big dilemma... that is to discipline or not to discipline our increasingly undisciplined students...the other day I caught 2 Form two boys smoking right outside the school compound just before school begins ...found a lighter in one of the boys pocket....interrogated them and then just by sending them to the school higher authority ..I got 2 long scratches on my 3 years old metallic car.... sigh...sigh....and with the media churning out so many front pages story about teachers dealing with disciplinary problems in schools we teachers have only 2 roads to take ...
1. see disciplinary problems ...we face it and who knows may even end up in the front page of local and national newspaper or
2. ignore and pretend not to see any disciplinary problems in order not to end up on the front page

If we choose path 1 ...we teachers "die"
If we choose path 2 ...students and parents "die"

so how??
Comments are very much welcomed!!!

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    FFX Madman said...

    SEE... don't u miss ur ex-prefects?? Ask EDwin, we come and help again! AHAHHA...

    Too bad about ur car, Mr. Sim must be furious!!

    I believe disciplinary actions should be taken (as long as it's not me!!...) Don't let them run riot around the school!!

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  2. Anonymous said...

    Disciplinary actions are necessary lar. Only that you must not cross the line. The case in Sibu was just too much.

    I believe in cane, it helped me turn out to be a better person. Seriously. Many children are spoilt by their parents and look at their state now.

    At the end of the day, parents will start blaming themselves for not doing a good job raising kids.

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  4. X'tina said...

    Hi Cyril,
    Even the whole troop of prefects come also no use cause these days the students are getting more daring and they will even answer us back rudely and that is the main cause of losing our temper with them . That day I personally confronted a boy who took his sweet sweet time to stroll to toilet..and this is not the first time I saw him walking past my class..I confronted him and you know what... he answered back..."I go to kemere..CANNOT KAH!!!" Luckily I kept my cool that day or else answer like that will really make me wanting to slap him..

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  6. X'tina said...

    Hi anonymous,
    Caning is good but do we dare to use them? Nowadays with unreasonable parents and their kids spinning beautiful stories about incidents and sometimes we as teachers are not even given a chance to tell our side of the stories before it hits the press and the poor teachers need to face the media accusations and ministry accusations.
    We are fighting a losing battle lar. You saw the front page of Borneo Post yesterday ...if you can see the inside of that poor teacher , I personally think that she must be damn hurt mentally... moreover there is so many more years of teaching for her to go since she is only 27 years old....

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