See what i got in my letterbox today.....

and inside this nice envelope i got this:

Not just 2 but 16 of those vouchers i am going to Parkson to buy this: Grandsolar Garden Accent Lamp

Nice or not .....To light up my patio at night using solar energy ...price RM 88 only so still have RM 72 left erm.... so may buy 2 of these just by adding in RM16 more ....

Thanks to NewsRoom for giving me these free Parksons vouchers worth RM 160.. Have you sign up for the NewsRoom yet??... What are u waiting for ... click the mash button on the right and sign up fast fast liao...

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    Anonymous said...

    Teacher i think you better think twice before purchasing it.

    Another teacher of mine bought it but it doesn't really work.
    The bulb lighted up but it was very very dim.. =)

  1. ... on 1:48 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Hi anonymous ,
    how leh.. I oredi bought lor... It is bright alright but of cos I didnt expect it to be super bright lar... solar cell so small how to get it bright ler???
    I just want some light in my patio especially when we go travelling ,a dim light is better than complete darkness.

  3. ... on 8:04 PM