After 2 whole months of holiday...... the holidays finally ends today and work will start tomorrow... After all the rejuvenating, enough sleep and rest I am all ready for the school tomorrow.. to face all the teens .. to be jack of all trades,besides the core teaching jobs, teachers are also:

-mata aka policeman ( to maintain law and order)
-missi aka nurse ( to help studebts who are sick..nose bleed...wounded..broken arm and legs etc etc.... )
-medicine dispenser aka pharmacist ( to dispense panadol for stomachaches, headaches.... and all types of aches that you can think of....)
-chai huu ( colonial time) aka clerks to do tons and tons ,loads and loads of paperwork.. registration forms, computer forms..statistics for Education Dept..parents salary...orphan or not orphans...boys or girls... religions etc etc )
-IT specialists (cos need to use IT to teach science and maths )
-DBKU aka city council members ( to make sure the classroom and school compound is always clean and sparkling)
-detectives - ( when $$ are lost, things are stolen, fire-crackers are let off)
-baby sitters ( when other teachers are absent for one reason or the other)
-bankers ( to collect $$$ etc.....)
-security guards ( to check students discipline)

Wow so long kah the list.... long live all teachers.......but despite of the long list I still love teaching cos teaching is a vocation... God's calling and not $$ calling

finally a prayer for all teachers out there:

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