Still 20 more days to CNY but I feel like in CNY mood already ,maybe because of all the pre-ordering of delicacies,cakes ,cookies etc that fast forward me into this CNY shopping. Added advantage.... shop before pay day then you tend to shop less and shop for cheaper things
I put up the first piece of my CNY decoration today ..the small pineapples are so cute and cheap ( big one Rm 1.50 and small one RM 1 only) that they caught my attention amongst all the red and bright decor in the supermarket

Those plants are believed to be able to turn one's luck to better ones since they turn as they grow...... i don't quite believe it but I do need them for my PTK exam in Dec 2006( in order to get 32/40 correct ) cos the Dec 2005 I got 5 questions definitely wrong already..and many questions seem to me to have 2 answers ...but i can only choose and blacken one how le???? no way to get the promotional pay... no matter how hard I work this year. So hope those plants will turn my luck for PTK lor
Besides those I also bought these at RM 6.80 for 16 of those cute lanterns (hang where le.. Still undecided ...)

and these are the collections of mini lion heads that I have :

and I bought these wine glasses especially to enjoy wine drinking during the CNY

Notice the words red wine....cos I bought them to drink red wine since I have many bottles of red wine

as I am not an alcoholic...I drink red wine with ribena plus lots of ice... Very yummy
and I got myself a bottle of port from langkawi ( RM 40) ..Everyone tells me port is nice ..I haven't try yet...

Lastly hope drinking more wine will help me to analyze the PTK questions better in Dec 2006 exam since those questions cannot be answered by sober have to try the not sober way....maybe can get 40/40 correct.......or at least 32/40 correct

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    nerdook said...

    ooo... nice decoration. how come i never notice the new year decoration one... must be because i always look at computer only. haha. dont drink and drive!

  1. ... on 10:58 AM  
  2. X'tina said...

    yalor.. u are always like dat one....look at com & gf only... I hang what up u also don't know...unless I hang yo com as new year decor.... oo....don"t worry I will not drink and drive ...but drink and sit for exam maybe......hahaha

  3. ... on 12:42 PM