Below are living and non living things that are in my collection list:

Part 1: Living Things. Do I sound like a science teacher?

1. My Fish

2. My plants

only after I created this post i realise that I have so many fishes and plants collections...... to be continued.......

Part 2: Non living things

3. Snoopy
This is one of my priceless collection... everything about snoopy...the cute dog

This is a luminous set of sporty snoopy that my sister got for me from Taiwan

Snoopy clocks:

Snoopy crossword puzzle from Singapore but fixed and framed in Kuching

Snoopy windchime...nice wording there... home sweet home....

4. Cute toys
I love those small cute toys. Sometimes i really have to resist all tempations to buy new ones to add to my existing collections since I have so much and there is no space to put them i hang them up like this lor.....

Another set of cute action figures:

to be continued...............

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