Our school( SMB St Joseph) had the annual inter-house cross country race at the Reservoir Park Kuching this morning. I am the teacher-in -charge for Mark house 2B...so some photos to share with all my loyal readers .

Warming up before the race:

Briefing before the race

These are the Form One boys.... Don't they look so cute and so adorable since they are all so small in size?

These are my Mark House 2B boys... selected not because they can run but because they are handsome

Some more handsome faces :

And the race begins.........

Running with the wind water... nice view hor?

Special Notification: our school is an all boys school so sorry hor... no lenglois photos lor all are lengzais

Final marks tally..... 2B not in the top 3... too handsome for running... I guess
Updated: 16.1.2006
After checking the official result 2B is in the top 3....3rd position...not bad well done boys.....Keep on running ......

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