When I blogged about my collections, my son#1 commented that he didnt realised that I have so much collections.I told him his action figures are equally many and i promised him that i will blog about his action figures one day...so here it comes.

For yo info, this collection started when they were babies of around 7 months old and the best part is... they still play with them ...arranged and with story lines and then the action figures fighting each other when son#1 come back for holiday and so does son #2 .

These collections are their long ago birthday presents, x'mas presents...new year presents ( they were give me their ang-pow $$ for safe keeping and in return I bought these action figures for them). Son #1 even remembered that one time when he was discharged from the hospital, at a very young age ... I bought one action figure for him( for which I have completely forgotten liao )

Recognise them??? WWF figures....

Then the Aladdin set

Ninja Turtle set

Is this the Austin Power set??

Men with the super power set:

"I dont know call what" set

Lastly the "broken arm" set

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    nerdook said...

    wah! my kids! haha... yea, quite nice to play toys, i never grow up~ :P

    p/s that is not austin powers. it's a mix of batman, xmen, james bond junior... actually, a lot of the toys are xmen/batman. :D

  1. ... on 11:54 PM