Atas Urusan kerajaan keluarga , I was asked to escort my husband's first nephew to send the dowry and wedding gifts over to his bride-to-be house today. I "kon-kon" follow my sister-in-law instructions to bring the dowry and the gifts over cos I am really lost when come to chinese wedding traditions.and customs When I married 26th years ago, i didn't have all this... ours was engagement cum marriage.... one go...simple and economical .

If we follow the actual chinese dowry list ,
It is:
1. 24-carat gold jewelries;
2. 1 pair of chopsticks to indicate "fast son";
3. 2 bowls tied up with red string which is called "sons and grandsons bowls";
4. toilet kettle; (aka potty)
5. bed spread and pillows and quilt embroidered with dragon-phoenix design;
6. scissors and ruler; wallet and belt,
7. sliced candy;
8. tea sets including tea pot, tea cups and tea tray;
9. clothe wrapped together with cypress leaves,
10. lotus seeds,
11. lucky money (Li Shi),
12. dried fruit such as dragon eyes.
so long the list ...
no wonder so many chinese girls remain unmarried despite of faithfully throwing boxes of oranges into the river year after year during chap Goh Mei

so this is what we brought:
1. Tinned foods ... indicating abundant food
2. A pair of candles ...bright life after marriage
3. $$$$ .... rich and wealthy
4. Super big Oranges.....properous
5 2 bottles of Chivas class..purpose i don't know oh
maybe to make the father -in law happy lor
6. Super sweet nutty candies......super sweet marriage life
7. Long life noodles ...long life of cos
8. Jewelries.....not 24 carats of cos...maybe 24.8 carats

i love the design of the basket for carrying all this... and this basket is a family treasure... had been used for sending dowry for 3 of my sister-in-laws, 2 brothers-in-law and 2 nieces

And for just as an escort i got this...not bad ....anybody else want me to send his dowry....???
actually hor.. doing all this make me feel like an old auntie liao....when i married into the family this nephew of my husand is only so small....

and now...going to get married liao...time really really flies

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    nerdook said...

    wow.... er, better keep the basket properly, i might need it next time, hor? :P

  1. ... on 4:55 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    oo no problem ..i will ask er gu to keep it for u

  3. ... on 6:13 PM