Congratulations to Myself for passing level 8 in Zuma...hip hip hurray.... now into level 9-4......very good way to relax after a hard day's work...but the fingers do get quite painful after hitting rounds and rounds of multi coloured marbles. Very addictive...especially when you got stuck at a would just keep on playing till you get over it...and without realising the passing of time.......Seniors citizens should play more of this...train you to have
1. sharp eyes
2. quick hands
3. think ahead
4. planning
5. strategic
6. and not to give up...but when can I ever pass this level ????

BTW what is zuma?
Eliminate all the balls rolling on-screen before they reach the skull. If a ball reaches the skull, you lose a life. When all your lives are gone, Zuma will have its revenge! Muahahaha

Are they all like me?

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    nerdook said...

    aiyo! last time say play too much games not good for me... haha... u see, u see, u have been converted at last! :P

  1. ... on 9:47 AM  
  2. xtina said...

    u students cannot play... we teachers can play.......moreover senior citizens shud play more... for eye, hand, brain coordination to prevent azheimer

  3. ... on 11:13 AM