does not allow me to upload so many pics in one have to break my post into 2 parts lor....

5. Cups and glasses
Aren't they these from Miri many years ago.. too cute to resist the temptations ,wow each cup got their own name somemore!!! end up in my collections

The Chinese wordings and their meaning on these glasses really attracts and impress me. Got these from a supermarket in kuching at a closed down sale of 70% discount.

" Smile to avoid secret arrows,smile and in the end you will end up as a hero"

"If lots of knowledge is foolish, then act foolish is not foolish "

"Plenty of carefreeness,plenty of happiness"

" The more carefree, the more self realisation"

" Not afraid the world will laugh at me for being stupid, but afraid the world will think me as too clever"

"Say clever not clever, being clever always makes us wrong"

6. Teapots
If got cups and glasses must have teapots hor... to complete the set.

Teapots from China is called the Sim's collection. Caught my attraction because it is my husband's surname .

Another mini set from China ...It is made from bamboo.

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