Good News that is of interest to me :

1.Tax rebate of RM500 for computer purchases will be replaced with tax relief of RM3,000, once every three years. (so can buy more computers now but on second thoughts so many computers for what le? At the moment our house have 2 pc and 3 laptops)

2.Students with 10A1s in SPM from families earning RM1,500 and below to be given scholarships for tertiary education. ( too bad no more children sitting for SPM and my salary is well above that too)

3. Tax relief on purchase of books increased from RM700 to RM1,000. ( That is good can start buying many many books to get that tax relief)

4.Exam fees for all public examinations abolished in all Government schools, beginning with 2007 school session. ( again no more kid sitting for all those examination )

5.Increase civil service fixed allowance for all supporting staffs by RM 30 to Rm 50 w.e.f.1st January 2007 ( that is good .. can have more cups of kopi-o kow a month)

6.Civil servants earning up to RM 750 a month -2 months bonus
more than RM 750 a month - one month bonus
paid in 2 installment - October 2006 and December 2006 ( best news of all, every year the same --one month bonus 1st installment --for cuti cuti m'sia , 2nd installment - X'mas present)

the rest of the budget of no interest to me... what islamic bank lar, SMI lar, development lar , agricultural lar, promoting biotech lar, halal industry lar, tourism lar
bla bla bla...................

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    Anonymous said...

    teacher...waaaah...wait till all your kids study high high liaw baru they keluar this kinda installment how to use leh....hehe

  1. ... on 9:14 AM  
  2. teacher said...

    yalor.. too late lor... so want to adopt new kid lor but nvm good for other ppl kids too

  3. ... on 10:44 AM  
  4. angeline said...

    wasn't that the 49th Independence Day??? I was somewhere doing the formation! heheh

  5. ... on 7:05 PM