Saturday 22nd April 2006
D-day for students of St Joseph's School Kuching. A much dreaded day for the students cos they have to bring their "beloved" parents to see their form- teachers to get an oral report on their behaviours, attitudes for the last four months .

As teachers we are forewarned that we shud give more positive remarks on the child , so the following are some of the typical conversation overheard that morning:

Teachers to parents :

1. Your son enjoyed talking in class while the teacher is teaching
( meaning-- he is soooooooooo talkative in class)
2. Your son is smart so he will be busy doing his own things while the teacher is teaching
( meaning -- he is never paying attention in class)

3. Your son is doing his homework but cannot finish in time
( meaning -- he never finishes his homework)

4. Your son is a nature lover
( meaning - he is always looking outside the class while I am teaching)

5. Your son is constantly surpervised by the teachers
( meaning - the teachers is having a super hard time to baby-sit and look after yo child)

6. You have a super active child
( meaning -- he can never sit still in class, always want to go to toilet just to have a walk during lessons , disturbing his friends etc etc.....)

7. Your son can still achieve better results than this
( meaning his result is very rotten, as parents u better start monitoring him , guiding him..motivate him......)

8. Your son attire in school can be further improved on
( meaning - his shirt is not tucked in , not wearing name tags, spikey hairs like the trojan man in the detergent advertisement

9. Your son is not putting his 100% effort into his study
( meaning he is putting in zero effort... meaning he is not studying for his exam at all...........)

10. Your son is at the moment undergoing puberty and growing up
( meaning - he is more interested in the girls opposite the school than the teachers' teaching ( there is a all girl school opposite our school)... puttting on the bau-tikus- mati aka dead rat smell perfume at the last period just before the last bell... his school bag full of toiletries like hair gel, hair wax, etc etc )

p/s BTW. ours is a all boys school

Parents to teachers :

1. Have u finished talking about my son ?
( #??##/????@#$%#@$#)

2. At home teacher, i also cannot control him
( so how I as teacher with 45+ students control him when u... 1 to 1 already cannot????)

3. My son didnt tell me he has exam
( for goodness sake there is a school dairy... do check for his exam date hor...)

4. My son just wont listen to me
( OMG!!! you are the parents if they wont listen to u , will they listen to us teachers ???)

But of cos they are very nice parents who are caring about their sons, appreciating the teachers' effort lar.. but it is this small minority mentioned above that makes u irritated tho.....)

haiyor...... life as teachers..........

I heard that yesterday there was one parent who got so angry with the son's report that he tore up his report card in front of the teacher, kicked the classroom door, and showing off his tantrums ALAMAK... whose faults is that????

As the sayings goes... all teachers go to heaven... so still smiling after a hard day's work ....
Blessed are the Teachers indeed

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