Reason: Early Retirement for Cikgu Goh . We ,the not yet to retire people, give her a "makan" at Hoi Tin Lau Restaurant at Grand Continental Hotel on 29/6/06.
We ordered all their famous cuisine
Mixed Four dishes in Dragon Boat......they are really in the dragon boat... of a smaller scale of cos......

Boneless Cold Smoke Duck

Very nice dish.. especially the popiah-like skin with the yummy cold duck inside ...yum...yum

Salmon Fish in Honey Salad

We ordered L size but really big portion .. have to force ourselves to finish the last few pieces.. esp. when we think of the starving ppl in somalia

Baked Halibut in Honey Sauce

Halibut ( pronounced as ha-li-butt) is a nice fish.. very smooth and tender texture... just a little bit salty.. but good to go with white rice

Stewed Saucy Lamb in Clay Pot

Another nice dish......tender lamb cooked in herbs. big portion cannot finish in the end ta-pao home the left-over

Tasty and crispy Mixed Vegetables

Nice Dinner, nice bill too... food costs RM 259 only for 9 persons..... good news ,,, no service or gov't tax..... except tinned 7-up costs Rm 5 per Rm 20 for 4 tins and if u do go don't order tinned drinks lor .... Chinese tea Rm 9 per pot... which includes endless times of refilling ... fruit juice.. Rm 5 per glass but still 2 thumbs up for the food and service.


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    carissa said...

    hi teacher!! ahaks! i din noe teachers have blogs too! haahaa!! got miss me? i'm coming home soon! do take care owes! btw, the food look so yummy. so long din eat yummy food d. hehe! God bless! *huggies* =D


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