I have been seeing distant objects blurr blurr for the last 3 months. I have difficulty in seeing cars' plates number in front of me when i drive.. cannot see people on the stage clearly during school assembly. I thought my long-sightedness has increased so in january i changed my multifocal lens ( which costs me RM 260) and it was clear only for a FEW HOURS and it was blurr again . I have benn comtemplating for a long long time this problem. I brought my specs back to my optician and after he readjusted it I can see near objects but still cannot see far objects. Allthe while I am worried that I got retinopathy beacouse of the high blood glucose. So last Thursday I picked up all the courage I have and go for a THOROUGH eye check by Dr Ling.

He put a thick heavy yellow solution into both my eyes and ask me to look up , down , left and right and it turns out that my retina is ok and my eyes is ok too so the fault is the optician has made my multifocal 100 degrees less.

Happy that my eyes is perfectly ok I head straight to Riverside Majestic to get a new pair of Morgan Eyewear....new arrival... costing RM 280 for the frame and RM 170 for the multifocal lens.

Front View: Nothing extraordinary

Side view: The leg is very unique and outstanding with a little heart shape

Unique point is the way the lens is fixed, The conventional type has the screw at the side but this is screwed in the middle part of the lens .

Anyway that made me half a thousand RM poorer .......................

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    Anonymous said...

    err.. teacher, nice specs.. ^^

  1. ... on 8:37 PM  
  2. lai jeng said...

    u may not remember me, but i was ur student in form 2 back in 2000. neway i'm lai jeng. doesnt matter. got ur blog url from norman goh. hehe. it's quite a pleasant surprise to know that u blog too. neway, just a tip, you should set your camera to macro mode when taking close-up pictures...in case u didn't know, of course. or else the pictures will appear blur like the ones u posted. nice specs tho. :)

  3. ... on 9:24 PM  
  4. X'tina said...

    Hello Lai Jeng
    Yes i do remember u , u are Pae Lai Jeng rite? And I taught u Maths when u are in F2A, classmate of Luke Teo , Tan Ek Kia etc .Still studying kah or working oledi? Thanks a lot for the camera tip. I am not so good in taking pictures, not am amateur yet in using digicam....still learning....Thanks for visiting my blog

  5. ... on 2:27 AM