I found out that charcoal has many benefits:

1. Eliminates electromagnetic waves
Charcoal absorbs electromagnetic waves that a TV, computer or a computer monitor release, so it is effective to have in the rooms where you have TV's or computers.

2. Deodorizing and cleans the air
Charcoal deodorizes and cleans the air; very good to use in your fridges, cupboards, bathrooms, cars and other areas to control unwanted smells.

3. Negative ions
Place some charcoal beside you when you sleep - in a nice attractive container.The negative ions will make you sleep better and wake up refreshed. Put some charcoal in each corner of your room, this cleans the air and makes the room very soothing and comfortable

so my friend manage to help me to buy these huge chunk of charcoal for me

hence over the weekend i was busy thinking how to decorate this black piece of wood to be put near my desktop and TV set ..... tata .. here it is . Nice or not the decor?

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    FFX Madman said...

    WAHH.... can become HOME STYLIST already

  1. ... on 5:51 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    yalor..can become a home stylist when I retire hor ...... got 2 more bigger chunks ,still thinking of how to make it looks nice? Any idea...contribute lor...

  3. ... on 8:26 PM