Went to Chin Swee Caves Temple to see those giant lantern in conjunction of the Mooncake Festival. Actually there are free shuttle buses from Genting Highlands Hotel every hour leaving for the temple but due to the landslide in Genting the service was suspended hence we have to take the Awana Cable cars to go to the temple @RM 3 per person per trip.

Short notes:The best thing is we used our accumulated points collected during our hotel stay at Genting and the points we collected while playing on those 1 cent slot machine to exchange for mooncakes. 12 genting points for 2 Genting mooncakes. I got 6 mooncakes of which 2 are low sugar single yolk mooncake!!

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    keeyit said...

    Happy mooncake festival

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  2. X'tina said...

    Keeyit, Happy mooncake festival you n ur family too.

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