takes me 4 months to put up this post....

Was in UK last July to attend my youngest son graduation.It was only a eight day trip inclusive of traveling. So short is the time that jet-lag has no chance to affect me !

As usual we use Emirates to fly from KL to Dubai to Manchester. We love summer in UK so much exotic fruits to eat cheap some more.

So short the time that the only place to went to were the Skipton Castle and the Yorkshire Dales...beautiful except for the heavy rain or else it will be prefect

Flowers at Skipton train station:

Beautiful canal at Skipton:

At the Skipton castle:

Sipping English tea on a cold summer morning:
At the Yorkshire Dales:

If not of the heavy downpour, this will definitely be a lovely place for a picnic!

A classical English shop in Grassington where we had our cups of hot English Tea with scones
To get to the Yorkshire Dales we took the train to Skipton then from Skipton we went to Grassington by bus. From Grassington we walked to the Dales.

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    Jervynna said...

    helloo pn kong! been a long time since i read ur blog =D

    glad ure still blogging.

  1. ... on 6:08 PM  
  2. ivanna said...

    Hello! I heard about what happened in St. Peters...sick people la! How are you? It's winter here *sob sob*

  3. ... on 11:58 PM  
  4. X'tina said...

    Thanks for visiting my blog...yup it has been a long long time....getting lazier as age is increasing....

    Nice to hear from you. cold kah winter? wear thick thick and drink hot drinks to keep warm hor.

    Yalor so many sick and crazy ppl around us these days..wondering what they get that tabernacle for??? so now St peter is looking to get a new one which may cost RM 8 to 10K plus another RM 3-4K for the alarm system... so sad blessed sacrament also need alarm system these days...

  5. ... on 7:18 PM  
  6. Samfrancis said...

    Hi Pn. Kong! Sam here! Been reading your blog. So nice you get to go to England. I always wanted to, but no chance! *Sob* Well, Happy Holidays and Merry X'mas.


  7. ... on 9:23 AM