I have seen that impressive advertisement on TV about A famosa resort. Since I had so many extra days might as well go there to experience it first hand.

After doing much homework, I found that the easiest way for us to go to A Famosa Resort is to go to Tampin and take a cab to the Resort. That is exactly what we did. We took City Liner bus from Seremban Terminal 2 to Tampin passing through many kampongs and villages. The fare is only about Rm 5 per person. From Tampin bus terminal we used a cab to go to A Famosa which took around 10 minutes only and cost RM 20 per taxi.

A Famosa Resort Hotel

Okay how much I paid for staying here? all in all I paid RM 215 per pax. It was a 3 days 2 nights Fantastic package at RM 165 per person but because only we 2 of us staying in the room we were charged an extra of RM 10 for shoulder season (Since the management encourage minimum of 3 pax in each room ) another RM 40 for peak season since first night is shoulder season and the second night is peak season - so all in all RM @!% per pax inclusive of 2 nights at the hotel ( no meals pun), 1 admission to Animal world Safari ( birds' show, multi animals show ,monkey Island tour and animal safari ) 1 admission to cowboy town with carnival show with fireworks, and 1 admission to water world. Coming to think of it , it is not too expensive cos we watched so many shows especially for the Animal world.

On reaching the hotel at 2 pm we explored around and went to the Cowboy Town at 6 pm which was too early of cos. There was not much to see except for the carnival show which only started at 9.30 pm . We stayed around Cowboy town till we were so bored. Luckily the carnival was interesting with fire blowing and animals parade and fireworks.

Selling fruits , pop corns and umbrellas too before show since it was raining:

Day 2:
Animal safari where humans are caged and animals are free.

Elephants' show

Birds' show

Multi animals show

Raft ride to Monkey island


Cowboy wild wild west show

The only complaint I have about the resort is expensive food and mineral water ( @ RM 3.50 per 250ml bottle) here is expensive and the ride using banana truck around the resort to go to animal park and the water park are not free...RM 1 per trip per bottom so if you have 2 bottoms you need to pay double. Other than these, all the shows are of high standard and are recommended especially for children.

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