After watching "one meter sunshine" ( 一米阳光 ) I felll in love with Lijang and it has been the dream city that I have wanted to visit. I made it to Lijang last December and the only problem was the high altitude reaction 高处反应 which spoil my trip as I miss Lijang beautiful night scene since our tour only stop there for a night...... but at least I got to see the day scene of beautiful Lijang.

Day 1 -Yunan tour

Left KLIA at 9 am by MAS airline and raeching Kunming at 1 sth pm and was whipped off to some lunch at the restaurant and from there we went to Western Hill Dragon Gate 西山龙门 and Grand View Pavillion 大观楼

We checked into King World International Hotel in Kunming for two nights.

Day 2 - A'Lu Ancient Caves, Kunming

Stopped at this very interesting village for lunch where they use hay for the floor and they served tuak like wine. The yellow things hanging in front of the restaurants are real corns.Toilets:

A'Lu Caves- 3 caves all in all. First cave need to walk, second cave need to use boat to paddle around to see the stalagmites, third cave need to use cable car.

A doorless toilet:

Our toursit guide from China Express bought these yummy pototoes for us to enjoy after a long walk through the 3 caves:

The dinner is at a restaurant near Stone Forest since we would be going to Stone Forest the next day.

To be continued.............

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