The government has just announced the the price increase in sugar, petrol and gas due to the reduction in government subsidy on sugar , petrol and gas. With this increase , it will definitely result in inflation . Hence the wisest way is to invest in gold , as my friend told me the other day since gold is said to be the most liquid investment.
As an Internet savvy person I searched the Internet and found this website called Gold Coins Gain that sell and buy Gold Bullion coins. From the website , I found that we can buy bullion coins and then sell them anywhere in the world. This website has a great variety of gold bullion coins for sale like American Buffalo, Australian Gold Nugget, China Gold Panda and son on for sale at quite reasonable price. We can buy these bullion coins for keep and also for investment.There are many other similar website like this on the Internet. Do choose a reliable one wisely if you are interested in gold investment.
These are my food for thoughts at this time of inflation and world's recession if I do have lots of extra money for investment.

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