Being English educated, I always have problem to translate from English to Chinese. That day while I was watching a Chinese drama series, my niece MSN-ed me and asked me what I was doing, I told her I was watching a Chinese drama series and when she asked me the title I just simply cannot tell off hand to her since my command of han- yu- piyin is really poor. I am really at a loss of how to tell her the title of that drama show in Chinese over MSN because when I told her from direct translation, she will also not understand what do I mean by it because in English it is "walk west mouth" well as in Chinese it is actually "走西口"

Hence I always have to resort to Internet to help me to do translation services. One of the website is World Lingo, Goggle Translate which are free to use but it can only translate phrases. When we want to translation service like translate an article then we need to use online translation services like Translia which provides very professional translation services and they can translate nearly all the languages spoken on planet earth. Check out their language translation services

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