Last week or so I saw Michael, one of my students carrying such a heavy school bag which made his young and tender backbone bent. I was thinking to myself, oh my God, if he carry on to carry that heavy bag till Fifth form then what will happen to his posture? Usually for the academically better classes, the students will bring all the necessary books of the day to school as compared to the weaker class that will bring the bare minimum to school.

For a long time already, schools has been talking about building lockers in school for the students to put their books. Our school did try out a pioneer project where students who are interested can rent the lockers from the school authority, but the project failed after a while because the lockers are broken into and also the students are too lazy to walk up to the top floor to keep their books there since for security reasons lockers has to be placed in the less accessible part of the schools , that is at the top floor to prevent vandalism.

Talking about locker, I surfed and found that are a wide variety of school lockers and also even gym lockers available online . we just need to choose the lockers, order, paid and they will shipthe lockers to us. Life indeed is becoming easier and easier.

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