How do you feel if you accidentally deleted all your holiday photos? sad/ disappointed/ lost/ angry?

I was quite down last two days because when I deleted one of the photos on my camera I wrongly deleted all the photos on my holiday in Taiwan since before deleting I put all the photos in one folder so when I deleted one, I deleted all...moreover all those photos are taken by my husband...scary hor .

At first I didn't dare to tell him. I tried all ways and means while on the tour bus but I just couldn't get his photos and his video back. so when he asked to take his camera to see his video , I told him innocently that I have accidentally deleted all his photos and videos........

When I came back home and after a good rest, the first thing is ----I goggled search on how to recover deleted file on memory card. I found this page: I tried free smart recovery 4.5 and it took me around 3 hours to get that 96 photos in my folder but at the end of that 3 hours, I still cannot view my deleted photos and videos.

I tried and googled search again and and found this page .

As for the model name it is the found on the first line at the back of the memory stick ( MS-MT2G) and the serial number is the second number of the three rows of number shown here (C903L5L) . After that , answer the questions asked and download the software and then connect your memory card to the PC either via camera or card reader and tata.....after 7 minutes I got all my deleted photos and video back happy now!!!

The best thing is everything is FREE...this is the best Sony e-support I have encountered.

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    Sophia said...

    This is an extremely usefull piece of info. Thank u very much!


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