First stop: Taoyuen Railway station.

We checked out from the hotel at 7.20 am after a nice breakfast of western and oriental breakfast. We had bought the high speed railway train to Taipei @ TWD 150 each where we would have a whole coach to ourselves.

But because of the fly over construction on our way we reached 5 minutes late, luckily the ticket can still be used but we have to mix with the public ...No more private coach to ourselves!!! and luckily for us too there is still ample space to sit in that train. Nothing impressive about the train ride since it only reached 250 km/h , much like our own LRT in Malaysia, just that it was a lot cleaner inside the train.

Reached Taipei railway station, but still need to wait for our bus to come so we explore around the railway station.

Next stop: National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall built in memory of President Chiang Kai Shek. Witness the changing of guard at the Memorial.

Saw a group of old men outside the park under the care of Filipino maids:

Next transfer: Yeliu Geopark which reminds me of Blackpool in UK since people here also do half a year business. Here there is spectacular view of the Pacific ocean. the rock formation are spectacular namely the candle, the hippopotamus and the Queen's head.

Candles and the hippopotamus:

Me and the queen's head:

Next stop: Chiufen to shop for pineapple tarts and muachi . Chiufen is built of closely packed houses clinging to the steep mountain sides. Lots of tourists here!!

At Chiufen , we tried the famous beef noodles @ RM 9 per bowl, dessert @ RM 4.50 and prawn balls ( forget how much liao!). We need to queue up and wait even though it was a Tuesday. The tour guide told us if it is weekend it will be worst.

Fast way to count for the beef noodles stall because business is really really good.

Last stop: Taichung - to enjoy Shabu Shabu for dinner

Last stop before we checked into the hotel - Fong Jia Night Market

Hotel for the night: Ful Won Hotel, Taichung. Quite a nice hotel , again the breakfast consists of westeran and oriental food.

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