Day 1 : Left Kuching on 29/11 bound for Kota Kinabalu by 10.50 pm flight. The flight timing is damn lousy traveling at night and reaching KK at midnight, hungry and cold.
What a way to start a vacation!! check into Mega Aru hotel at 1 am and caught 2 hours or so of sleep since we need to go back to KK airport to check in for our flight to Taoyuen @ 4.30 am !!This is the problem with Air Asia ...very very odd traveling time.Because of that odd traveling time it meant that this is Day 2 of our tour already!!
@Mega Aru hotel

On reaching Taoyuen, we were driven to a restaurant to have our lunch

and then off we went to the Floral Expo. We started with Xinsheng Park Area

We only managed to go to 2 of out 4 pavilion since all the appointment tickets are all taken up already. This is because the expo authority is limiting the number of people entering the pavilion. The 2 pavilions that we went to were Pavilion of the Future and Pavilion of Regimen. Inside the Pavilion of Regimen , no photos were allowed since there are priceless bonsai plants inside.

The area is huge and it was very tiring walking here and there. After going to the 2 pavilion we decided to walk over to YuanShan Park Area. Again no appointment ticket we could not go into pavilion of culture and new fashion. We wanted to see Theresa Teng 's collection at Celebrity's House but also cannot because all the appointment tickets for that were also taken up already!!!

Next stop at the Floral Expo is the YuanShan Park Area. We wanted to go to see Theresa Teng's collection but again all the appointments tickets are taken up except for the DVD why waste time watching DVD since those DVD are easily available in shops and can listen at home> moreover our time at the expo is so limited. We did go to EXPO Dome, which house floral art competitions and indeed is one of the most stunning exhibition halls at the Expo.

Pavilion of Fashion and culture are all full of people so no chance for us at all.

Night programme: Visit Taoyuen Night Market where the things sold are very old -bags looks old handbags looks old and the people there looks old too! The night market is not crowded at all. we tried the pan fried oyster, the big intestine wrapped with small intestine , almond tauhu. Nice food.

Night accommodation: Taoyuen Hotel.

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