As usual breakfast 6.20 am , check out hotel at 7.20 am. Today we went to the biggest lake in Taiwan - The Sun Moon lake. There is an island right in the middle of the island called Guang Hua island where an old woman lives and makes tea eggs for a living.

Since it was neither sunrise nor sunset so the lake looks so so to me only!

Wen Wu Temple is just nearby the lake , a shrine dedicated to Confucius., Guang Kong and Yue Faye.

Stalls at Sun Moon Lake selling local products:

Next stop is the free peacock Garden...just a few pitiful peacocks nothing much to see at all. Luckily it is free entrance or else I don't think anybody will go.
Here a bottom up peacock:

After that we visited the King Mao's shop selling lingzhi - 「毛王爺」─ The New Leader of the Thao Tribe.

Lunch at some underground restaurant:

Last stop of the day is Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village where you can take cable car to enjoy the view of Sun Moon lake from the cable car. Here you can see the living museum of the nine principal aborigine tribes of Taiwan . There is also outdoor water roller coaster and the indoor Maya roller coaster and an European garden, all inclusive in the entrance ticket of RM 70 per person.

Entrance to the park:

Trying to make muachi:
Live musuem:

Cherry blossom pond:

Day dreaming in the pine forest:

@ European Garden:

Special dinner tonight at WC restaurant, Taichung:.

we had heard about this over TV and newspaper but experiencing it is completely different feeling...shocked, fun and interesting. One of my friends say she had goose pimples all over thinking of her curry ( yellowish and mushy) served in toilet bowl.

Our tour guide kept everything very secret without telling us where we were going to have our dinner. I being the first to go to the toilet saw a golden toilet feeling was...WOW....

then it came to my mind that this must be the toilet restaurant since the toilet was at the entrance while the restaurant was after the actual toilet...feng shui???

My yellowish and mushy curry:


Nice collection of toilet bowls:

Very last stop after dinner is the Jing Ming 1st street 精明一街: at Taichung, where nice plants are displayed on the street walks without being disturbed even at night. If in Malaysia, all the plants will be gone the very next morning!!

JingMing 1st Street is among Taichung's best-known attractions with local and foreign visitors because of to its unique European-style cafe street-like ambiance. Created in the early 1990s as part of a private residential complex, the 60-meter-long pedestrian-only street includes sidewalk cafes and teahouses, which has led many foreign residents to label it as "tea street". There are a number of boutiques and shops selling medium-to-high-end clothing, jewelry, beauty/health products, fashion accessories, handicrafts and art. Shops and restaurants continue along the roads on both ends of the street. But things are expensive here so can only shop with eyes but not with wallets.

Hotel for the night: DeBao Hotel, Taichung, clean and superb breakfast.

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