Morning call 6 am. Breakfast 6.30 am and leaving hotel at 7.20 am for FoKuangShan 佛光山 which is one of Taiwan largest temple complexes and the island centre for Buddhist scholars.

Inside the temple I was so worried that my camera will fail me again since the last time when my Sony camera failed me was when i took the monk statue photos in Phuket. Luckily it didn't this time. we managed to walk all the way up till the huge Buddha statue.

Love the writings here , very meaningful as we journey on in life.

At the highest part of the temple:

Lunch here, near the temple.

Surprisingly they serve non vegetarian food.The tour leader told us we would have lobster and abalone for lunch, at first we thought he was joking because near the temple where got nice food like that but true enough there was lobster and abalone

Next stop: Mei Hon Hakka Village to see the traditional Hakka handicrafts like hand made umbrella and selling liu cha - Hakka favourite food

This old man is a superman, he can make music with anything, pipes, toothpaste holder, etc etc

Dinner here:
This is the lousiest dinner that we had while in Taiwan. The place used to be for holding wedding dinner but it seems that they have converted into a huge eating place for tourists who arrived in buses and buses. Luckily after this we went to Leo Ho night market so we could fill our stomach at our own expense.

The worst dish we tasted in Taiwan: Pig's blood...I didn't even try...thinking of it already makes me lost my appetite!!

Next Dream Shopping Mall. Nothing much in this mall. Instead we went to have free food testing at the ground floor selling Taiwan products.

Last stop: Leo Ho Night Market.

Giant crab legs sold here:

The Taiwan famous oyster pancake: Comparatively I still like our Malaysian version, crispy and not like the Taiwan version sticky and watery!!

Love this peppered biscuit which is the foochow kompiah but baked with meat filings inside. Very nice when hot and fresh from the baking stove. Long queue here so need to be patient.

Look at the biscuit stuck at the walls during baking ...just like our kompiah.

Hotel for the night: Shi Hzuwan Hotel, Kaoshiong. This is a very nice hotel. Very new, very clean and best of all have a washing room at floor 12 plus drying machine too They even provide the powder detergent in that room. The only thing is the drying machines are not too hot so it took a long long long time for our clothes to dry, around 3 hours to dry!! since it is free so betetr don't complain, right?

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