Stayed 2 nights at Cititel Hotel for Pre Christmas Shopping.Best place to stay cos can shop , rest ,eat, then shop, rest, sleep and shop again . Super convenient . Indeed a great way to shop and stay.

Cititel Hotel

Nice Xmas Decor

A must have- Xmas tree

Snowing snowman

Bread House

Cute Snowman

Another one

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    Anonymous said...

    How much is Cititel costs?

  1. ... on 12:13 AM  
  2. X'tina said...

    It costs RM 175 per room per night. But you can get the room through travel agency it will be cheaper, around RM 160 per room per night. More expensive than other hotels in KL, but it is worth it, especially the buffet breakfast for 2...very very nice one.

  3. ... on 12:49 AM  
  4. ex-student said...

    Btw, teacher, if I am booking using the website that you offer to book the Cititel hotel is it safe?

  5. ... on 12:49 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    Usually for online hotel booking , they only want your credit card number for verification only. If they do not ask for that three security number at the back of your credit card, then it should be safe. They usually allow cancellation up to 24 hours prior to your check in date w/o charging a single cent.
    If you are scared, then the best option is book through travel agency like Wah Tung in Kuching but do remember to request for room with better view .

  7. ... on 1:12 PM  
  8. ex-student said...

    Thank you. :)

  9. ... on 1:31 PM