Got a new Orbitrac to start a new exercise life at home--following the working from home concept.
Disadvantages of exercise outdoors
1, Weather permiting ..if raining.... cannot exercise at all
2. Time and petrol consuming to drive from home to exercise place it
Amphitheatre or Resevoir park
3. Saftey-- counts a lot these days - snatch thieves, car thefts etc etc
4. No music to enjoy unless u buy an MP4
5. No mirror to look at like those in the Fitness centre

Contemplating of joining a Fitness centre but then in the end it will always be ending up as a fee paying member only but excuses like no time to go .. the time does not suit me etc etc etc

So decided to buy an Orbitrac - cycling + jogging fitness machine with my end of year bonus
Cycling half an hour will burn up 100 calories l hour of exercises will burn away 200 calories...which is equivalent to the energy in 2 pears .....
Got to exercise ..hopefully to bring my super high blood glucose level down
15/12/2006- 14.8 mmol/L

18/12/2006 - 13.2 mmol/L

Took a Glucose Tolerance Test and the result will only be known in 2 weeks time , so in the meantime need to burn lots of calories to bring the blood glucose down.
New Diet:- to control the blood glucose I also took on a new diet call the "plate method".
One plate divided into 4 quarter -rice , the other quarter protein like fish or lean meat..and the remaining half on the plates ...vegetables

No more coffee, no more nescafe three-in -one, no more kuih, no more "ABC", no more white bread and no more durians so many no mores..........
Hope and pray everything will be OK. What a great way to start 2007!

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