When fish lovers go for holiday, what to do with the"beloved" fish?

That is the dilemma faced by us when we planned to be away for 10 days. During last year end trip, 5 of our super fat and big goldfish and angelfish died while we were away...so sad......

To ask neighbours or relatives to come to feed your fish is one of the choices but very "mahuan "(troublesome) if they feed and your fish chose to die at that time ( who can tell when they will die?????) they will feel very bad too.

So this year I decided to give the so named -- Holiday Food Block to my fish while we were away. It claims that it not only feed the fish but it also helps to keep the water clean . Price : RM 5.90 per block.

This is what my fish look like after 10 days :

so the Holiday Food Block does works.

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    Your Student said...

    Hi teacher,

    I'm glad to hear bout ur fish...i think my friend once tried filling up the tank with extra food but it proved to be overload and the fish went upside down just the same. So maybe i should recommend the er Holiday Food Block to my friend :D

    Well that's beside the point, actually i'd like to comment that you're the first teacher with a blog that i'd visited thus far. Hehe you ought to be commended on that cuz i myself cant even find the time to manage one what more having it decorated with the x'mas feeling and stuff not to mention blog & pics of course. Quite a few of my friends in st.3 have links to your blog on their's..i wonder if you know that? =D

    Anyways, sorry if i'm intruding on your privacy or anything ya. Just wanna drop a few words but guess i got too lo so =p well, have a happy hols and merry christmas and jolly new year :) school's starting and your new students will be lucky to have a dedicated altho sometimes stern teacher to guide them through their form1 & form 2 :D

    Your Student :D

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  2. X'tina said...

    Thank you for visiting my blog.Yup I do know that some of the St3 girls have links to my blog. Nothing great about my blog cos it is just a ordinary blog recording some of my thoughts and of cos lar the more personal thoughts are not published here but kept in my own hard disk lor. Teachers are very restricted blogger - can only blog very general things in life. I do appreciate ur comment. TQ. Have a blessed and merry X'mas

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