Another Xmas means another year is coming to an end...soon 2006 will be out and 2007 will be in.

For Xmas 2006, I didn't make any yule log this year for health reason and also becos the stayin family members are getting less and less, so there is nobody to help me to eat what I have enjoyed making like yule log, cheese cakes, cornflakes biscuits etc etc.
Chrismas Eve I went to Southern CakeHouse to buy some pastry or buns for after Midnight Mass snacks .This cake called the 5 Grains Cheese cake caught my eyes cos 5 grains means i can eat and it was made from wholemeal flour, oat, black rice flour, soya flour ( ???)and brown sugar...very healthy since no refined white flour is used. Real heathy and nutritious cake .. tastewise very goodand there is two thick layer of cheese in between . Price : RM 39.90

Had a Chrismas Eve potluck at my neighbour's house. I got Leg of Lamb ( RM 120 ) from baked2order. The leg of lamb is nicely done . Everybody enjoyed it. Lamb really goes well with mint sauce. My neighbour ordered a turkey which is equally nice too. Only now i know turkey meat is so tender.

Attended Midnight mass at St Joseph Cathedral ..

Decorwise - no much difference from last year

Bubbles still appear like last year... the decor , the mass, the bubbles makes me confused!! is it Xmas 2006 or Xmas 2005 ??????.. very confused indeed

Finally watched EWTN from St Peter's Basilica . every year I made it a point to "attend " this solemn Midnit Mass.

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