Our Inn was very near to Gaya street thus we walked to Gaya Market at 6.15 am. This Gaya Market is only opened on Sunday as early as 5 am till noon. You will find a lot of Sabah's products, crafts, fruits and food here. It is a must visit place when you are in KK if you want to buy local products and try local food.


Sea shells
Paper art:


I love these butterflies. They are made from feathers. I bought 6 of them for RM 10. The seller is dumb and deaf so need some sign language.


sabah famous pomelo:
Peeled version. We bought 2 of these to bring to the island .

Chinese dumplings. My favourite but so sad cannot eat because of my present state of health.


There were so much to see and buy but we were running short of time cos we were going to the island at 9 am .

While at the market actually we wanted to try those dim sum in the coffee shops at Gaya Strret but the cofee shops are all packed with people. We tried a few but all packed so in the end we ate dim sum at a coffee shop that was near to our inn.

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    Eric said...

    Wa lao eh.. The paper art so keng..

  1. ... on 12:21 AM  
  2. X'tina said...

    nice hor?

  3. ... on 9:47 PM