Sunset Over the Horizon

Oh sunset so far away,

over the sea horizon

speaking so gently to me.

Colours you throw at my soul.

A sunset so beautiful ,

on that warm evening so grand,

such comfort you send my way,

slowly descending into the horizon.

Goodbye charming sunset,

goodbye twilight,

goodbye until another

glorious captivating encounter.

Saw these beautiful, sensational sunset at Sutera Harbour, KK and at Tanjong Aru, KK.

Sutera Harbour

Sutera Harbour

Sutera Harbour

Tanjung Aru

Tanjung Aru

Tanjung Aru

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    Aleckii said...

    Wow... amazing. I was also in Sutera Harbour during sunset. There was also this one place called Marina Bay was it? The bay that they said Dr. Mahathir's daughter owns.

    I remember there was a statue of a bird there, that they called, Bird of Paradise' at the entrance. There was a story about it but I can't recall now...

  1. ... on 4:44 AM  
  2. keeyit said...

    I went to those places before and really a great place

  3. ... on 7:58 AM  
  4. Jen said...

    Amazing pictures. I was there last year but my pictures didn't turn out well.

  5. ... on 9:49 AM  
  6. said...

    of cos envy lar!! all my fave teachers. ok lar. some lar. miss mary wee, mdm joyce. oh, help me say hi to miss mary! :D i miss her!

  7. ... on 5:49 PM