An interlude post between my posts about our Sabah trip.... I really meh-tahan liao when I received this email:

Actually we have booked our air ticket, Kuching direct to Bali during the super long Hari Raya break this September as we have all in all 11 days of holiday . As travellers obviously we search to look for nice and comfortable accommodation. As I was surfing the internet I found this villa in Ubud called LadyBamboo Villa which looks nice and cosy and got me interested hence I click on the reservation form to enquire about the charges. There are 17 of us going there and that villa is one of the very small hotel in Ubud. And in the reservation form it is stated that one villa costs USD250 per night which my countrymen can easily afford.


My comment in the reservation form was exactly like this:

All in all we have 17 of us travelling together. May I know if we book the whole villa how many rooms and beds are available to us and how much is the total charge ?




Then I get this reply from the owner (cut and pasted below):

Dear Christina

Excuse me, that I ask before answering: To how many places you have send your enquiry?
We maybe could make the whole villa available to you, but it would need some effort and therefore have to check first, whether it is worthwhile to change reservations for your enquiry. Unfortunately most of our enquiries from Malaysia are just a lot of work for us, but rarely something comes out of it. Sorry, if this sceptic against your countrymen is not applicable to you. Looking forward to your favourable response.

Kind regards


Ladybamboo Villa


And this is the reply we give her


Looks like there is no need for further communication between us.
I apologise on behalf of my countrymen who seem to have given you a lot of headache with their enquiries over accommodation. However, its all part and parcel of the pre-planning for trips outside one's own country to shop for suitable accommodations. People usually have to be discerning in their shopping. It is hoped that you will understand and be more accommodating about this. Similarly when you travel, you will also do the same.

Thank you for your time.



Will you still stay in a hotel like that for your holiday???..I for sure will definitely NOT since she is so prejudice against our countrymen!! ...dealing with people who are supposed to be hospitable but are not, will surely spoil my holiday mood.....real celaka

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