Sabah really has some unique food that we Kuching people don't get to enjoy in Kuching. While in KK, we went to Warisan Square ( an upmarket with lots of branded goods) to try Fish&Co..

Nice ambiance and lighting.

We ordered Mushroom salad ( RM 10.90). Taste nice and refreshing.

New York Fish and chips ( RM 16.90) . Very big portion with lots of chips.

The chips go very well with this white creamy sauce. Love it!

My friend ordered this seafood pizza ( RM 16.90). Not very nice because the base is made from flaky pastry and does not look like the real pizza. Oily too. Not recommended.

I ordered this seafood platter for 2( RM 42.90) super huge portion with mussels, cuttlefish, prawns, fish, savoury rice and chips. Really filling for 2, so much so that we cannot finish the chips and need to "tapau" home. Highly recommended because the seafood are so fresh and juicy.

By adding RM 6.50 I get a complete meal which comes with this super rich and super creamy mushroom soup plus a passion fruit drink.

At Fish&Co drinks are expensive:
Rooibos tea -RM 4.50
Ginger Ale _ RM 5.00
Passion fruit + sprite - RM 5.50
Lime Juice - Rm 5.50

Excluding service charge (10%) and GST(5%) but overall Fish&Co is as good , if not better than Manhattan Fish Market.

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    Lady G said...

    I love Fish & Co. They're awesome.

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