Sabah is really a blessed state , with beautiful islands just 15 minutes away by speed boat. After breakfast of Dim Sum and Tuaran Mee we went to Jesselton point to buy our boat tickets to Manukan and Pulau Sapi. For 2 islands we paid RM 27 boat fare +RM 6 per person for tariff charge + RM 3 for entrance to the island( need only pay once and can be used for all the other islands) and we can stay as long as we wanted on the island, just need to tell the person on the speed boat the time you wanted to go back to KK or to hop from one island to another. My advice is just stay on Manukan Island and it will be enough for all the islands look the same to me. Another advice is don't go for coral watching because the glass they use on those boats are not clear at all and the sights are nothing to behold, wasting $$$ only.Moreover that was not cheap, after much bargaining, we get RM 300 instead of RM 350 for an half hour seeing corals through those green-algae infested glass!!

Jesselton Point - to buy tickets and wait for the speed boat to take you to the Islands. Very clean and air conditioned place.

View outside the Jesselton Point
Nice place outside Jesselton Point
See, everybody so excited and happy.
View from our speed boat.
The sea was so clear that you can see fish swimming
Nice or not?
Many people go snorkeling on those Islands
Manukan Island
The opposite end of Manukan Island

Many kids go for scuba -doo, where you go underwater and feed the fish with bread crumbs and the fish will all come around you and the company will videotape the whole event and sold the CD to you after the ride. It is not cheap RM 180 per kid ( for Malaysian) , RM 250 for foreigners for a half hour scuba-doo and the CD cost RM 50
View from Manukan Island
Hotel resort on Manukan Island cooking breakfast for their guests

Grilled baby lobsters Off we went to Pulau Sapi
Pulau Sapi.
The water is so clear...
Alligator on Pulau Sapi
Plenty of corals here:

Super clear water here:

I told you the water is clear and the lady here was showing off her painted toes with her "Made in Cebu" slippers

Different people showing off different parts of their bodies
This is what we saw by paying RM 300 - coral watching :
Actually for free you can see these beautiful corals at KK airport:

We could have stayed at Pulau Sapi till sunset but one of my friends had a flight to catch at 7 pm so we must be back to KK by 2 pm . If only we had stayed for sunset...........

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11 comments: said...

    wahh!! good advice. :D I just booked a 0 fare to KK in July. :D Hehe.

  1. ... on 9:36 AM  
  2. Aleckii said...

    Hey! Cool Pictures! Manukan IS fun, right? I never got around to Sapi, though, we enjoyed ourselves in Manukan too much, didn't even bother to go visit Sapi. There was another island I remembered, had lots of illegal immigrants in it, was that Gaya or Sapi?

  3. ... on 1:28 AM  
  4. keeyit said...

    I went to the same place but seems your pictures are nicer than mine le..

    You all seems enjoyed le..

  5. ... on 9:02 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    why u so free... can fly here fly there and can enjoy 0 fare jealous lar...

    Manukan is fun, that island you talk about might be Sapi cos we didnt see any pendatang haram on Sapi

    cos we have many photographers and we compiled our photos for this blog so that they can always come to my blog to recall back our sweet sweet time in Sabah

    Actually we really have a nice time there cos of good company. Next trip coming up is to Bali, hope it will be as nice.

  7. ... on 9:44 PM  
  8. audree said...

    hey teacher! I just realised that you replied my previous comment! =P

    Anyway, I'm doing great here but the idea of studying again isn't very thrilling. By the way, when are you coming to Adelaide?? Let me warn you though, it's extremely BORING! Which makes it a good place to study.

    And! Deb went back recently right? Did you manage to see her around?

  9. ... on 11:00 AM  
  10. Kelly said...

    Love the crytal clear water the most! hardly can find crystal clear water for my kids to enjoy!!

  11. ... on 2:13 PM  
  12. X'tina said...

    Yes, I really love those crystal clear water

  13. ... on 7:04 AM  
  14. Rachel W said...

    Going tomorrow! Very excited, thanks for documenting your visit.

  15. ... on 2:50 PM  
  16. X'tina said...

    Have a nice trip there, Rachel.

  17. ... on 7:21 PM  
  18. Anonymous said...

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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    Your article is very interesting. I can make reference to the article which I will write

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