It has been 20+ days since my last entry and my devoted visitor to my blog was asking me why everyday my blog only show Manukan one.... reason busy busy so many things happening last 20 days

1. Chasing after the deadline of SR - aiming to earn USD 100 this month..will only know how much I get in 5-6 days time

2. Booking the 6D/5N cruise for my end of year holiday which will also concide with my 51st birthday way to celebrate birthday hor. Got quite a cheap deal during the recent Singapore Tourism Carnival. The Gemini Cruise will sail from Port Klang/Penang/Krabi/Phuket/Langkawi/Port Klang. It will be a family trip and spending quality time with son#1. Fare per person is RM 1374 for a pampered holiday. For every cabin booked , a FREE DVD player( Made in Malaysia) will be given.

3. 3 nights before, I got a phone call from my god-brother(who is also my cousin)inviting me to Labuan for his eldset son's wedding during this end of May school holiday. Since I have never been to Labuan, without much consideration we booked 2 tickets ( for me and husband) to KK then use ferry to Labuan. Aisehman...never been to KK before, but now 2 KK trips a year....haha

4. Helping son#2 to get important documents for his UK visa extension before he flies back for his hoilday in July.

5. Searching internet for cheap fare for son#2 to fly Manchester-KL and being the peak season for summer holidays and convo season in UK, it seems that flying Manchester - Dubai is no problem but Dubai -KL is a big big problem cos all the flights from Dubai-KL is fully booked as Dubai is now the collecting point for all European and Africa travellers!! In the end we did managed to get a GBP 700 for a return fare while SIA charge GBP 1500 for a return fare during the same season!!

On reflection, this year I really have so many holiday trips:

May- KK, Labuan
Sept- Bali
December- Genting, Cameron Highlands, Cruise, then maybe go Bukit Kayu Hitam

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    norman goh said...

    wah! mdm christina, so 'geng' eh? hahaha, teacher, this is a good retreat for you, after all, you are one of the most hardworking teacher in st. jo.

  1. ... on 9:35 PM  
  2. giLda said...

    teacher ~ =D been in labuan for a year for my matriculation hehe

    ntg much in labuan. like langkawi, labuan has cheap liquor and chocolates

    other than that u'll encounter a lot of indonesians (how to recognize?) they look the same teacher. trust me =) maybe not 100% but they all have the same black curly hair (men+women)

    have fun mem! have not seen u for sunset mass for quite sometime =D

    btw i came across ur blog today from someone's blog hehe

  3. ... on 12:23 AM  
  4. X'tina said...

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Thanks for sharing the info, so can only look look see see in labuan lor. I thought Indons look darker than Malaysians ( or am I wrong??)

    So you haven't seen me at sunset mass? Too many things going on saturday evenings lor...sigh sigh

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. ... on 10:19 AM