Tonight , another over the sea trip, stopping over in Kota Kinabalu for a night and then jump onto the express tomorrow morning to the duty free island called Labuan to attend a wedding there. This is also my frist trip there so surely I will be come with lots of photos.
Everybody is telling these:
1. Labuan is a very boring place that you can finish exploring in a day
2. Lots of Indonesians there
3. Lots of Philipinos there
4. Cheap beer and wine
5. Cheap chocolates
6. Cheap perfumes
7. Cheap seafood
8. Lots of imported branded cars on the road
9. Beautiful sunsets
10.Lots of " social escorts" there

That is the reason I need to be there to find out whether all these are true.

See you and take care till I am back.

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