Got this result from Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia Website cos I don't want to waste 50sen for SMSing my result from that 39003 number.

Hence overall result is:

After trying, striving and thriving for 4 years, at last I got this...and people studying for 4 years can get a degree liao but we after studying for 4 years get a Grade IV without any mortar board ......sigh... sigh...sigh and the biggest SIGH now is : if PTK is abolished as fought by Cuepacs, will this be of any more use to me...??????

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    Maverick SM said...

    PTK is scrapped; this result will remain with you as an achievement and self-satisfaction.

    As long as you admire what you had achieved; that's what matters.

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  2. Anonymous said...

    Hi! I will be taking my PTK soon. Any pointers?

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