As usual, Month of May is always a very busy month for me.

- Teachers' day

- Photos taking here and there

- School Sports Day

- Closing of school first semester

Teachers' day
Got this beautiful fruit hamper from one of the student's parent. Thank you so much for those nice exotic fruits.

Welcoming ceremony in progress...
The usual cake caking ceremony
Performance by students

Every year we have the tradition of taking the staff photo after the Teachers Day Celebration, so here we are, a big family of Josephians.

We had our own lunch at Hoilday Inn after all those celebrations.
Have a peek of what my students give me this Teachers' Day

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    ehon said...

    Why lar Ah Pan not yet retire?!!!


    And why lar spend the money to make those clothes?? St Joe keep wasting money on "fashion" only! First the band uniforms now those batiks.

    But nonetheless, HAPPY CECER'S DAYYY!! :D :D

  1. ... on 8:38 AM  
  2. Johnny Ong said...

    ever crossed yr mind that the principal was on the take? hehehe

  3. ... on 10:55 AM  
  4. X'tina said...

    Those batik are for corporate look and are meant for our birthday present this year.

    No, he is DEFINITELY NOT the type that you think he is.

  5. ... on 11:16 AM  
  6. norman goh said...

    Happy Belated Teacher's Day!! I really wanted to go to school that day to wish you and other teachers, right now I'm still having my clinical posting in Bau Hospital. Driving to and fro to Bau is really tiring, but the experience is really invaluable there.

    Anyways, Mdm Christina, I've always thought that you're a 'ganas' teacher back then when I was the afternoon session head boy. But, after that, when I sat behind you as a teacher, I realised that you're such a wonderful person and a great teacher with tremendous dedication towards educating the monkeys in St. Jo. Hahaha.

    Seriously, you are one of the teachers that I've always look up to. I'll always remember the fond memories and the jokes that you cracked in the staff room. Truly HILARIOUS!

    The bell rung. And you said, "It's time to go to the zoo!" Hahahhaa, I will always remember that.

    Last but not least,

    May you will be blessed with good health (a.k.a. Low Blood Sugar, Low BP, No Hypertension....anything you need to check up, can ask me, it's free..), bright future ahead, and...most importantly....blessed abundantly by the God.

    Happy Teacher's Day!
    (oh yes, not to forget to Mr Sim, he's a great Math and Sports teacher)

  7. ... on 2:01 AM