Went for a reunion dinner last night , meeting my old classmates of 34 years ago and I haven't met them for the last 34 years. They brought along our old class photos( Did I lost mine or did I buy?) Most probably I didn't buy cos my family was too poor at that time. we couldn't afford even 3 meals a day at that time , what more to say buying class photos?

With invention of digicams, when we saw our old class photos, the obvious reactions were snapped and snapped and recalling all the names of those faces there including our teachers. Teachers who had threw dusters at us and also teachers who were really really dedicated and loved by us.

Form 3 (1972)

Form 5 (1974)

Can you find me there? ( clue: I was standing at the same corner for both the photos ....reason - too tall...)

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    ehon said...

    i think i see u!! BAHHAHAHAA!! teacher, your glasses very pretty wei! LOL!!! I need to get one of those too so I look smarter. :P

  1. ... on 10:33 AM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Oooooooi..... those are Lydia Shum era type of specs lor...u are oledi so smart , so if you wear that type of specs sure become a super smart genius one...lol

  3. ... on 10:38 AM  
  4. Maverick SM said...

    Wah you still keep these photo so well... mine alredi lost and cremated.

  5. ... on 10:25 AM  
  6. X'tina said...


    Nope, I didn't keep. Those photos are brought by one of my classmates who has that secretary type of personality and she really keep those treasures well. I am more of the ochipala type, can never keep things. Keep also will forget type.

  7. ... on 8:48 PM  
  8. keeyit said...

    Nice photos to share.. Haha.. It was a nice memory.

  9. ... on 11:01 PM  
  10. Greg from Make oney Online said...

    Those are some great photos. I have yet to go to a class reunion. I hacve been out for 25 years. I think I will now.

  11. ... on 3:12 PM