This souvenir is created for our principal who is going for retirement next week . My friend Josephine, an art teacher designs the Chinese character, Lucy provides the album and self made dried flowers collected fron New Zealand, I photoshop the photos and the rest provide their images here including the 久 命 instead of 长命 joke.

Nice and meaningful, right?

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    ehon said...

    phwoar.. Mr Pan can read chinese meh? i am in singapore now, reaching Kuching tomorrow night, so can I come farewell him also? hahahaha!

  1. ... on 6:33 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Why u so engg one har...flying here and holiday now meh?...If in Kuching come and visit us lar...

    Write in Chinese more mesra mah, if he cannot read then I will ask him to refer to you, ok?

  3. ... on 7:19 PM