Bless me Father for I have sinned. My sin is..... I am stealing internet connection from my neighbourhood at the moment. I have preferred not to steal but the lightning coming striking again this afternoon. ( it struck last year ) If you don't believe me, then read this .

It is not that I like to steal other's connection. This was because I only found that the lightning struck when I came back from work at 7 pm, By then my beloved technician cannot come to fix my internet. Without internet it means that I cannot check my email. cannot update my blog, my sharescore will drop because I didn't log onto their website and the BIGGEST cannot is...I cannot talk to my son#2 on MSN.

Another thing hor,,God why the lightning struck again hor..and this time it is exactly like last time, wireless D-link gone, Satellite TV gone again..Next time can ask the lightning to make a detour or not????

I promise that I will not steal if no lightning strike my wireless D-link and my modem ,ok ? God? Are you still there ...helllllllloooooooooo...??

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    I'm Choonie. said...

    Last night, my hubby office's modem and fax machines and the main phone kena strike lightning too.
    Btw.. D'Link's modem has a year warranty. Can redeem a new one.

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  2. X'tina said...

    Luckily the D-link wireless is life time warranty but just need to pay RM 30 for processing fees since this is the second time I claim , and my modem is still under warranty ( lucky that the lightning strike in July not later too ...hahaha).

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  4. BRY said...

    God Blessed u all the time....Give thanks lah

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  6. X'tina said...

    Yup. God bless us all the time...It is good that the lightning struck less than a year from the last one so I can still claim the warranty for my modem.

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  8. Maverick SM said...

    Your wish is granted; and don't do it again next time even when lightning strikes

    ....what is the password for the connection???? Your neighbor's neighbor also ask me...

  9. ... on 10:17 PM  
  10. X'tina said...


    You being such a great friend so I will risk my life to tell you the password lor.

    The password is "neighbourhubbynephew"'t tell other neighbours hor.:P

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