Last Saturday we had our regular get together gather at Sweet Happiness. Reason for the get together...very anxiously waiting to go to Bali but still such a long long time to go, so eat first while waiting to go to Bali..( super good reason to celebrate, yeah? )

Sweet Happpiness is a very new restaurant opposite Stutong Market and it is just a corner turn away after passing J&J Cafeteria.

What did we order?

1. Cold dish RM 60.
Not that delicious as compared to the Li Garden's

2.Herbal chicken in coconut..very yummy and cheap too ..only RM 10 per coconut

3.The restaurant signature dish - curry fish -RM 40. Served best with fragance rice.

4. Butter prawns - RM 45

5. Brocolli with abalone- RM 25

6. Honey Ribs with buns -RM 32

7. Signature Taufu - RM 26

8. Crabs fried with salted eggs - RM 52

Nice restaurant since we manage to book the sole room there. Best thing is
: - no corkage charge for we brought some Kwai Fei Lychee wine and Bailey's Irish Cream along

- no service tax

All in all we only pay RM 25 per person for that nice dinner.

Next on our mind ...where to eat for the next dinner before our September trip to Bali........

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