July is the month where we live to eat. I am now fully booked for 3 consecutive weekends...booked for nothing else but makan makan makan

First makan - June ( name not month), our School Guru Cemerlang gave us a treat at Li Garden...nice food and company that night.

cold dish:

Li Garden famous Peking Duck skin

Pancakes for the duck skin

This is the way to eat the duck skin

Each of us are served this dish ( roasted pork ribs) individually:

How on earth can a fried fish looks like this?

Mixed veggies , a must have to remind us of balanced diet so that we will not be too guilty being a carnivorous:

Even the fruits are so nicely arranged :

This coming Saturday another get together dinner at Sweet Happiness @ Stutong

Next Saturday - farewell dinner @ Kuching Park Hotel, for our principal who will be retiring

Hence we LIVE TO EAT

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    ehonchan.com said...

    WAH!! I also want to go farewell our principal! See, I love him so much..

    "This is the way to eat the duck skin" - errr.. with that orchid too???

  1. ... on 9:25 AM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Come fly back and I will bring you for the farewell dinner.

    You are realllllllllllllly smart, can get my joke hor..josephians are forever josephians...

  3. ... on 9:33 AM  
  4. I'm Choonie. said...

    Wao... nice pics. You are not only a very good teacher, you are becoming a good photographer too. Btw, I like June. Why is she treating everyone? Any good news to share? Send my regards to her. Tell her from someone who reads x'tina's blog.
    Btw.. did anyone tease you about taking pics for every food serve?

  5. ... on 7:51 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    I no good, camera good....haha..sony T300 moh

    Sure I will send ur regards ro June when I see her.

    Oh about taking photo for every dish, people around me are getting use to me taking photos of food. This is something like "saying grace" or shud I say "saying cheese" before food. My friends like to recall back what they have eaten during our frequent gathering by revising through the photos in my blog..lol

    but sometimes I peiseh also..

  7. ... on 9:22 PM  
  8. keeyit said...

    Yummy~ especially the crispy pork meat !!

  9. ... on 9:37 PM  
  10. X'tina said...

    Hi keeyit,
    Those pork are really yummy and very unique too. First time I see pork served like that in Chinese restaurant.

  11. ... on 9:43 PM  
  12. I'm Choonie. said...

    I dare not tell any of my colleagues about my blog. I dun talk about blogging with hubby too. I think he knows about my blog but he too very supportive by not saying anything about knowing it. So, with my recent post, I am very sad but I too have nobody to talk too except a few bloggers and a close friend.
    I salute you for blogging openly and taking all this nice pics. My nieces and nephews always say they have a crazy aunty who even like to snap pics of food. After that, I dun do it so much liao since my Canon S3 is not doing very well without good lighting.

  13. ... on 5:18 PM  
  14. X'tina said...

    Me too , only my close friends know that I blogged. But as teachers we have to watch our words and language used ( 5X mom can use all sorts of languages that we can't).

    More sensitive issues I will not blog but keep it down down in my heart..

    Actually blogging is good for us. I always like to read my old entries about places I have visited, events that have taken place etc...no worry continue blogging and you will not regret next time, just need to be more discreet in what we blog.

    Wow...do I sound like an old auntie???

  15. ... on 5:31 PM  
  16. I'm Choonie. said...

    Yup.. you are right. At first, I try to be myself but nope... seems that certain ppl just cannot accept the normal me. I still have a lot to learn especially from teacher like you. I think I saw you a few times. Should be in your school. Went there a few times to attend June's course but not anymore.

  17. ... on 9:28 PM  
  18. I'm Choonie. said...

    Hey... you read Ah Lian's post too?

  19. ... on 9:28 PM