Google has announced that henceforth its Chinese name is Guge (pronounced “goo” and “geh”) That sounds somewhat like Google, but translates as “Valley Song.” A bit out of place for a company as cool as Google. The new name has prompted a backlash, with 12,180 people signing an online petition at a new site called Noguge.

At the top of the page is the familiar Google logo, with a red X blotting out the Guge name.

There's also this blurb: “The name Guge makes us sick! Moreover it makes us feel hopeless!”

Other Popular suggested alternatives from the Chinese include:

狗狗 – GouGou, meaning Dog-Dog. This is currently Chinese people’s favorite way of referring to the baffled search engine. Earlier this week, Google dwelled on the shortcomings of its canine nickname in reaction to queries from a local newspaper: "Names such as Gougou (dog dog) are unable to fulfill the responsibilities of a corporate, brand or product name, nor do they reflect fully our goals and mission."

够了 – GouLe, meaning enough (is enough ).

姑姑 – GuGu, meaning sister in law or aunt. ???

割乳 – GeRu, meaning cut off/shave your breast. ????

古狗 – GuGou, old dog.

狗哥 – GouGe, dog-brother, or doggish old brother.

孤狗 – GuaGou, an orphaned dog. ???

千度 – QianDu, doesn’t sound exactly like the original, but keeps some of the meaning - "a thousand times" - while playing on the name of local competitor BaiDu ("a hundread times").

果果 – GuoGuo, double fruit.

自由狗 – ZiYouGou, Independent dog.

哥哥 – GeGe, older brother ( as opposed to Big Brother).

呱呱 – GuaGua, the Chinese equivalent of quack-quack, the noise made by (Peking?) ducks.

Microsoft’s name is Weiruan, 微軟 which doesn’t sound anything like “Microsoft” but benefits from having two characters that literally mean “Micro” and “Soft.” Not bad.

Yahoo does even better: Its name is Yahu 雅虎 , which not only sounds like its English name but also translates nicely, meaning “graceful tiger.”

Apple and Cisco have good names, too:
Apple has Pingguo ,

which not surprisingly means “Apple,”

and Cisco has Sike (sih kuh) 思科 , which means “thinking science.”

so what is Ebay and paypal in Chinese?

so what is my name in Chinese?
Name : Christina
Chinese characters : 克里斯蒂娜
Pinyin : Kè lǐ sī dí nà

Find out how to write your own Christian name in Chinese

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    KCLau said...

    Ha, great explanation. Did you get A1 in chinese language?

  1. ... on 1:17 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Hi Kclau,
    Thanks for reading my blog. Nope I didn't get A1 for Chinese because I was born and raised up in the British Colonial era so there is no such grade as A1 during our time .
    Moreover I only studied Chinese as a single subject in an English primary school so my Chinese was only primary six standard but thanks to the high standard at that time I can read , write and converse in Chinese.

  3. ... on 7:33 PM